patent Unmanned Manipulator takes the Wheel to Car Hub - Fine Handling

Unmanned Manipulator takes the Wheel to Car Hub

18 Apr 2017

Wheels on the car assembly line are presented on conveyors and typically handled by the Operators while carrying them to the car hub. India’s largest car manufacturer selected Fine Handling to develop a fully automated solution to carry the wheel from the conveyor to the Operator at the car hub.

System is designed to handle 7 different types of wheels with weights ranging from 12 kg to 17 kg
An automated system that picks up the wheel from roller conveyor, tilts and unloads it on a gripper which takes it to the Operator waiting at the Car Hub, all by itself, in less than a minute. Synchronous working of Roller Conveyor, Unique Gripper and a telescopic manipulator with motorized drive to carry the tyre.

Key Features
Fully automated PLC based system
System with 55 limits switches uses highly complex, interdependent programming logic
In case of emergency, a manual mode of operation is available

Concept to commissioning in 30 days
Achieved desired cycle-time of less than a minute
Multi-thronged optimisation – costs, process and manpower
Safer, faster and flexible automation of process