Safe loading of large
sheet metals on the
laser cutting machines

Loading large sheet metal plates on laser cutting machine involves a lot of challenges, Fine handling has developed a vacuum based product for safe and smooth handling of sheet metal plate

Challenge & Innovations

Safe lifting large & heavy sheet metal plates


A Vacuum based lifting equipment with chain and hoist was developed for safe lifting of the plates. Four Heavy duty Vacuum pads were used ensure part does fall off after lifting.

Handling plates of different sizes and weights


To lift plates of different sizes, vacuum pads were provided with an adjustable lever, so that distance between the vacuum pads can be adjusted as per the requirement.

Smooth transfer from stores to Laser cutting machine


To transfer Sheet metal plates on laser cutting machine, rail mounted chain and hoist were provided for smooth transfer. While chain and hoist ensured up and down movement, rail mounting ensured X-Y movement


  • Improved productivity
  • Ensures safety to the operator
  • Smooth transfer

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Safe loading of large sheet metals on the laser cutting machines