LiftnMove is compact and lightweight and enables the fastest handling and movement of material. Further, the compact design means that it is ideal for use in narrow aisles and confined spaces.

Smart way to handle material load up to 100 Kg

ABOUT LiftnMove

Typically, loads up to 100 Kg are handled using a forklift or manual labor. While forklift or similar equipment are bulky and need skilled manpower, The innovative ‘LiftnMove’ by Fine Handling provides the smart way to handle loads up to 100 Kg.

LiftnMove is used by some of the world’s leading quality and safety conscious companies such as BMW, Škoda etc. to simplify and speed up, safe material handling on their shop floor. LiftnMove is a smart handling a variety of materials in multiple industries such as automotive, pharmaceutical, retail, packaging, chemicals and laboratories, food processing, warehouse, large office spaces, restaurants etc.


  • LiftnMove is compact and lightweight
  • Easiest maneuvering, enabled by four high-quality Castor wheels
  • Powered by a maintenance-free battery, LiftnMove guarantees lowest maintenance
  • Highly safe handling, enabled by special holding attachment
  • The motorized precision spindle in LiftnMove allows uniform lift and sink


  • Operating LiftnMove needs no special skills
  • Lesser fatigue for Operators even after long working hours
  • Safe design to arrest mistakes due to careless operation
  • Handle any material with customised platform