Jib Cranes

FineLIFT Jib-Cranes offer easy, ergonomic lift and transfer of repetitive loads. Fine Handling Jib Cranes are compact in size and can move faster than motorized jibs.

Ergonomic easy and safe transfer of material


FineLIFT Jib-Cranes are specifically mounted with rugged rails as the boom, which are the best quality of natural aluminum extrusion rails. These require 3 times lesser effort than MS rails or I-beams. Fine Jib Cranes can be provided in customized length and is available in column mounted and overhead wall mounted.


  • Simple construction and Modular design of Jib Crane makes them extremely easy to install
  • Can pick and place material in a radius of 8 mtrs. with rotation up to 270°
  • Safety features like rotation locking and sensing can be integrated as per requirement
  • Jib cranes from Fine Handling are extremely compact and require minimal space


Column Mounted

Column mounted jib cranes are extremely easy to install, ideal in situations  where mounting on the wall or existing structure is not possible.

Wall Mounted

Wall mounting Jib cranes are your perfect solutions where there are space constraints. Can also be mounted existing I beams or any other structure.