FoldARM from Fine is specially designed to easily reach out to inaccessible areas where work cell limitations make use of XY rail system or manipulator highly difficult.

Easily reaches un-accessible areas

About FoldARM

This articulated foldARM differs from a regular jib crane as it uses two 360° pivoting arms that enable the FoldARM to reach out to confined areas.

The entire system can also be designed using pneumatic controls to avoid constraints of electrical connection. Safety features are designed as per mounting option and the material to be handled. FoldARM can be supplied with any kind of lifting hoists for up/down controls or air balancer for effortless handling.


  • Specially designed to reach confined areas
  • Arms to achieve maximum ergonomic reach and lift
  • Rotation locking and sensing as per requirement
  • Utilizes existing infrastructure for mounting


  • Can be supplied with any kind of lifting options like hoist/gripper
  • Available in two variants column mounting and wall mounted