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Efficient and Proven Air Balancers by Fine Handling

10 Apr 2017

Air Balancers work on zero gravity principle and are typically  used in routine pick and place applications or activities that need just a slight change in orientation of the component. Air Balancers from Fine Handling are designed to handle a variety of loads weighing up to 150 Kg. Whether it is lifting, positioning or suspension tasks, Fine Handling’s Air Balancers have delivered a proven performance, across applications and industries.


Fine Handling’s Air Balancers are recognised for their highly easy controls and ergonomic design, that enables convenient operations. Operators are able to achieve the best productivity without any hassles.

Fine Handling’s Air Balancer design leverages its vast experience in developing material handling solutions, especially manipulators, to seamlessly integrate with the programming logic of the system on which they are used. The result is a quick and highly accurate response compared to other similar products.

The simple design, high quality component, lubricant free operations means the Air Balancers are practically maintenance free.

Maximum Weight Carrying                      Capacity (Component + Gripper)    60 to 150 Kg
Rotation at base of gripper                       3600
Operation                                                     Zero Gravity/Up-Down control
Balance Control                                          Automatic
Safety                                                            Parking Brakes (optional)
Distance                                                       30 mtr/min

Control System: Pneumatic/Electro-Pneumatic/Hydraulic Synchro Drive.