Cylinder Block/Head

Fine Handling has solved multiple challenges in the handling of Cylinder blocks and head of a variety of sizes, shapes and weights. The solutions include specially designed and engineered equipment to ply 2/4 block cylinders. alongside specific handling needs of the process. All of the Fine Handling’s gripping solutions are customized and specifically designed meet your cylinder block and head designs.


  • Loading of aluminium cylinder block at two different orientations for two different fixtures on same machine.
  • Clamping pneumatically into bores of the cylinder block and 90° pneumatic pitching to load into the fixtures


Loading of cylinder blocks into finish boring operation fixture. Clamping on sides of crank bore and lifting to tilt 90 degrees for loading.

Column mounted manipulator with orientation change functionality for easy handling of cylinder block

Clamping pneumatically on side of the cylinder head and 90° pneumatic pitching to load the same into fixtures