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Industrial Manipulator for safe loading of large sheet metal components on the laser cutting machine

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Dedicated Innovation Center for Industrial Manipulators and material handling solutions with most advanced infrastructure.

Leading the way in Industrial Manipulators

Fine Handling has been pivotal in bringing world-class, innovative material handling solutions to the Indian market and has been one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of industrial manipulators.

Product Overview

Explore material handling solutions from Fine Handling, designed to cater your unique needs, with the highest quality and advanced technology available in the world.


With over 20+ Years of experience, Fine Handling  is a leader in the design and manufacture of manipulators for some of the complex handling needs

An Air Balancer is ideal for compact installation and quick pick & place operations.  Zero gravity handling systems enable the operator to manipulate load in a state of weightlessness.

Specially designed FoldARM is designed for easy reach out to inaccessible areas where work cell limitations make use of XY rail system or manipulator highly difficult.

FineLIFT Jib-Cranes offer easy, ergonomic lift and transfer of repetitive loads. Fine Handling Jib Cranes are compact in size and can move faster than motorized jibs.

Vacuum tube lifters are specially designed to lift all types of materials such as boxes, sacks, drums, sheet metal, electronic equipment etc without any efforts

A gripper is the heart of every ergonomic assist devices. Gripper development involves multi-disciplinary approach in order to handle specific material

Innovative AccelLOADER is an ideal solution for Loading and Unloading of unpalletized cartons from a Truck or Containers

The compact, battery operated LiftnMove is suitable to handle loads up to 100 Kg. from ground level to shoulder height.

ElbowLIFT a specialized handling equipment designed for lifting large loads with vertical lift. ideal for applications with less headroom and large component size

VacuumLIFTER from Fine Handling uses single to multiple pad based system to handle a variety of size, weight and shape of the components.

Ergo seat is overhead rail mounted seat, auto synchronized with vehicle conveyor. it provides excellent comfort to the operator to easily enter the vehicle and assemble smaller part.

Fully automated PLC-based family of gantries that are used to transfer components from one station to the next while maintaining the takt time of the process

Fine Handling offers the perfect combination of world-class products and deep domain expertise in developing an unparalleled material handling solution

Finrae offers the widest range of highly advanced, world-class Aluminium Rail Systems for routine and critical material transfer tasks.


Fine handling has developed specialized grippers for Cylinder Block. Equipped with orientation change mechanism of 45° and 90° which facilitates operator easily load the cylinder block at required angles.

Specialised PU Ballon type gripper which enters the bore of Crankcase and expands with the help of pneumatics to firmly pick the component.

A spare wheel is either mounted on tailgate or in the boot space, Fine Handling has developed innovative grippers for types of spare wheels

Handling of seats is one of the most challenging tasks in the automotive assembly line, With Fine Handling get assured solution for handling of bulky seats

Handled 32 variants of rotors, weighing in between 25 to 350 kg and one single gripper to handle them all. Prcoess involved mounting the rotors on the testing machine with perfect precision

Seamless Insertion of Heavy instrument Panel through narrow door aperture is a challenging task, Fine Handling has developed unique grippers for this task

Fine Handling has developed innovative gripper which grips on the periphery of the shaft mounted on the telescopic manipulator.

Fine Handling’s Gripping solution for engine front cover is capable to lift vertically presented component tilt it by 90° to be placed horizontally

16 Replaceable grippers for the handling of Electric components in the Locomotive Assembly line, Manipulator is designed in such a way that gripper can be easily changed as per the component

Doors are typically assembled in two ways i.e. hinge or Pin & bore type. Fine Handling has developed various types of door grippers right from Vacuum based to clamp based

This gripper for Tractor wood is capable of handling seven different variants. Handling involves a fully painted tractor hood that has to be placed in a particular orientation


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